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Shooting with RED Digital Cinema Scarlet – W 5k Dragon sensor

Earlier this month I was very lucky to catch up with Manolo Mendieta. With the help of Davide Felicetti and Michael Silva Netto we trekked deep into the jungle to a cenote Xibalba Schmittner kindly showed me a while ago. In search of some crazy light beams and a cenote to ourselves for Manolo to shoot in, it was the perfect place! Here is some footage from when I got to have a play with Manolo’s RED Digital Cinema Scarlet – W which has a 5k Dragon sensor. Even through the LCD screen I could see that this camera is phenomenal. It was great to get the hang of the functions and zoom/focus gear and some nice shots of Manolo who like myself is usually comfortably sat on the other side of the lens. Thank you Scott Carnahan for the introductions! I feel the start of a beautiful friendship coming on 🙂 It’s always nice to meet someone in the film industry who is encouraging and open in terms of their knowledge and skillset. Manolo has shot some really impressive natural history documentaries over the years for BBC, Nat Geo Wild and Red Bull to name a few with more coming next year. You can check out his work at

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